Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Farmhouse, Union County, GA

Old Gumlog Road, Union County, GA
This photo of this home on Old Gumlog Road was taken in February of 2009. It was in pretty rough shape then, and I'm not sure if it's still standing. One of the interesting features on a lot of these old homes is the two front doors. Previous to doing some research on the two-door style of construction, I assumed that these old homes, at some point, were converted into duplex tenant houses. I have leaned that there are many different explanations on this subject.

Two Front Doors

One is that one door led to the family room, while the other door was for guests to enter the parlor which was kept in a more clean condition. I've also read that the style of the day was heavy on symmetry, thus there couldn't be just a single object appearing on the front of the home. The strangest thing I read was that the second door was to carry the dead out of the home feet first, but I can't imagine a construction feature to be included based on the future death of the inhabitants. 

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