Sunday, January 11, 2015

Abandoned Farmhouse in Butler County, AL

Abandoned home with huge Cedar

 Driving south of Montgomery, Alabama on I-65 near mile marker 138, this is your view to the east. If you're driving north, you may pass it without even noticing. These photos were taken from my vehicle while stopped in the north-bound emergency lane. Too many big trucks blasting past for me to feel comfortable exiting the car. Looking at the map there was no other public road access nearby, so it meant a few harrowing moments to get these shots, but not enough to pass up the opportunity.
I have driven past this view several times and wasn't going to let it go on this trip.

200mm lens

In the top photo you can see the bog snaking its way from the house towards you. This appears to be an extremely wet site that is adjacent to Pigeon Creek. The huge Cedar Tree, to me, is what makes this a beautiful shot.

In the close up, you can still see the swinging shutters on the windows.

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