Thursday, January 1, 2015

Castleberry-Harbin-Roper House, Dawsonville, GA, c. 1890

I wasn't even aware of the existence of this home even though it is within eyesight of the parking lot of the office I have been working in for almost two years. It wasn't until the foliage dropped this past fall that the unveiling occurred. That and the fact that I have been paying attention to some renovations that have begun on a brick house that is on an adjacent property.

The tax assessor's website lists the date of the construction as 1890. Other than that, I don't know the history of the house. It is clearly no longer being used as a residence and appears to be in danger of falling into irrecoverable disrepair. One wing has already buckled with a partial roof collapse as seen in the picture below.
  As with a lot of these properties, vegetation is taking over with pines and vines being the primary culprits. Given time, they will contribute to the destruction of the home. Note the stacked rock pillars that make up part of the foundation.
If I learn more about the history of this property, updates will be added to this post. As always, if there are any readers that know something about any of the properties which I post, you are encouraged to share in the comments.
Update 4/12/2017 - According to the book "Dawson County, GA A History" written by the Dawson County Historic and Genealogical Society, this home "was last occupied by Miss Della Roper who rented part of the house to teachers and other ladies". The house has undergone some changes since these photos were taken. The wing with roof damage has been removed, as well as the trees and other vegetation growing near and onto the house.

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