Monday, February 1, 2016

T-shaped Farmhouse, Dawson County, GA

Crane Road, photographer facing NW
Tucked away in a wooded patch located in the NW section of Dawson County, GA, this home is a sleeping reminder of days gone by. Although it is unknown to me when this house was built, it is obvious that it has been many years since somebody called it home.

Photographer facing NE
Sitting upon a stacked rock foundation, with a collapsing wrap-around porch,the chimney on the south side of the house is standing strong, a testament to the craftsman that built it.

Adjacent to and down slope from the home is an open plowed field that, when looked at in aerial photos, looks like a long finger, or a snake stretched out in the sun, pointing to the NW. This field is almost 2,300' in length and a narrow 100'-200' wide. If this field was present when this house was new, I can only imagine the sweat and effort that went into clearing and cultivating this land.

Photographer facing NE
My grandfather worked as a sharecropper in the 1940's and 50's in Jeff Davis County, GA, and my mother remembers him working the garden area using a horse or mule-drawn plow. Based on some of the other homes I have researched in Dawson County, I believe that this house is c. early 1900s, perhaps late 1800s.

With respect to this property, if it was worked with a horse-drawn plow, I wonder how many passes would it take to cover this field, at nearly 1/2 mile in length?

Photographer facing NW
The wing that includes the wrap-around porch looks like it may have been added on to the original house. The porch won't be around for long given the sagging that has occurred. One tree appears to be helping to hold the roof of the porch in place. It is also an indicator of how long this house has been a remnant.

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