Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Appalachian Home, Pickens County, GA

Hwy 53 East, photographer facing south
Tucked away on a wooded tract located in the Marble Hill section of far eastern Pickens County, this old home is passed unseen by drivers headed east. It lies on a sweeping curve that bends to the southeast as the road leads towards Dawson County. In the summer, even drivers heading west probably miss it due to the dense foliage between the home and the road. The pictures in this post were taken in March of 2015.
Photographer facing south

The tax records show that this property was owned by Wyolene Wigington from 1955 - 1992, however the age of the home is not listed, and the locals I have asked about this property don't know much about it. I don't know if Ms. Wigington ever lived in the home, or leased it.

Stacked marble foundation, photographer facing NE
One man who grew up in the area remembered a Widow (pronounced "widder") Brooks living there. There was a good, cold spring at the property from which he and his brother would sneak a drink as they walked down the highway on hot summer days. They had to be fast about it though, because she was quick to holler at them to get out of there.

A few miles west of this site lie the marble quarries that have been important to the local economy. A closer look at the foundation of this home reveals the use of cast-off pieces of marble instead of the typical field stone of this area.
Photographer facing SE

The tin roof over the back porch was barely hanging on at the time of these photos, but the chimney is standing strong. The forest is slowly shutting this gem of an old mountain home off from the peering eyes and noise of today's traffic.

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