Monday, February 23, 2015

Pardue Mill, c. 1930, Habersham County, GA

Mill and dam on Pardue Mill Creek
This site is located on Pardue Mill Road, roughly a mile west of the large Habersham Mill Complex. Pardue Mill was built in the 1930s, where corn was ground into meal until the 1960s. The original mill complex included not only the mill, but a barn and house where the operators lived. The house and the waterwheel are the only missing pieces. The water wheel was 18 feet in diameter and 4 feet wide. The dam is 7 feet high and 48 feet in length.

The only information I could find on this location is from the website where the current owner is attempting to sell the property. Obviously not high on the list of historic sites in Habersham County, but a remnant of southern architecture, nonetheless. 

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