Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Girtman Farm Tenant Home, Jeff Davis County, GA

Ocie Kea (Durden) Rowland on the front porch.
This photo was taken in the late 1970s, by my mother. It was her childhood home from 1947 until about 1955, before the family moved to Brunswick, GA. Their stay in Brunswick was short lived and they eventually returned to Jeff Davis, County. She remembers that the roof was covered with hand-made wooden shingles, instead of the metal roof in the photo. My grandmother is the lady sitting on the front porch.

My grandfather worked on the Girtman Farm as a sharecropper, with my grandmother and their six children. I have never been to the farm, but I plan on heading down south with my mother, hopefully in the spring to see the condition of the old home. Word is that it has been used as a hunting camp for several years and that if I want to see it I better hurry because it won't be around much longer. An update will be posted.

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