Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Old Farmhouse, Dawson County, GA c. unknown

Photographer facing NE
Barn, photographer facing SE, taken in July 2017.
Sitting in an unassuming spot near the road, this house stands alone at the edge of a large pasture. Across the road, an equally dilapidated barn stands accompanied by a group of Angus cows that have gathered at he fence on the other side of the road. By the intense bellowing that alerted my presence, much like a car alarm sounding, it was assumed that they thought I was there to deliver some feed, or a roll of hay.

As you travel from Dawsonville, GA west on Hwy 53, the highway is primarily squeezed by a densely wooded stretch until you reach the intersection at Cowart Road. From here to the Pickens County line, the countryside opens up briefly into an area of cleared agricultural spaces. This stretch only lasts a bit over a mile before the blacktop disappears again, curving into the woods of eastern Pickens County.

Photographer facing SW
 About two miles to the east, as the crow flies, the Amicalola River winds its way south, cutting through the Dawson Forest Wildlife Management Area.

Hardscrabble farmsteads, stills, and probably a few gold panners were all commonplace in the distant past of this quiet north Georgia location. 
Photographer facing west
Photographer facing SE

Photographer facing north

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