Saturday, October 14, 2017

Walls Farm Buildings, Dawson County, GA

Farm house, with visible stacked rock foundation, photographer facing north.
Sitting next to a paved road in just about as far south in Dawson County as you can get, this old home, along with a few other farm buildings, were hidden. Time had allowed privet, briers, and other choking vegetation to completely obscure the fact that somebody lived, worked, and sweated over this acreage that is located a quick jog away from Forsyth County. I have driven past this property several times over the past four years, and I never knew there was anything in there beyond what I assumed was an old poultry house.

Farm house, with hog pen (?) to the left, photographer facing SW
 The tattered remnants of the brick-patterned tar paper can be seen on the house, which appears to have doors on three sides. Windows were apparently not too important, or were viewed as a luxury at the time of construction. All of this was held snug between a tin roof above, and a stacked rock foundation below.

Undoubtedly, these structures over time would have collapsed with very little knowledge that they even existed. If they haven't already been razed, they will be soon, as this site was cleared for the construction of a new home.

I am assuming that this now slightly less than one-acre parcel was previously part of a larger farm, based on the Walls name being associated with other, larger parcels that are adjacent to this one.
L-R, house, block well house, outbuilding. Photographer facing SE 

Exposed along with the house is a concrete block well house, an outbuilding,  a hog pen, and a long building that appears to be a poultry house.

As with all of these posts, any additional information on the history of this property would be welcomed, and I ask you to share what you know. Every little detail brings these places to life.

End of poultry house, photographer facing NW

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