Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Swafford House, c. 1904 Dawson County, GA

Hwy 136 W, photographer facing north
Photographer facing east
This home is located NW of Dawsonville, GA along a stretch of Hwy 136 W that begins a run of open pastures in a county that is primarily wooded. The home grabs your attention as you're driving west due to the yellow color of the siding. I'm not certain what you call the color of the stuccoed chimney, and rusted tin roof, but it certainly compliments the siding.

According to the book, "Dawson County, A History", Robert & Clara Swafford moved into this home in 1921. Who owned the house before that is unknown to me.

Photographer facing NW

According to a lifelong resident of the area, when Mr. and Mrs. Swafford passed away, their daughter Annie Swafford continued to live in the home. Unmarried, she earned money working as a seamstress, and passed away in 2001.
Swafford outbuilding, photographer facing north

The house and a few outbuildings, though not occupied, have obviously been looked after and is a great example of a 100+ year-old house that is still standing today.

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