Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Etowah River Farmhouse, c. 1920, Dawson County, GA

Intersection of Etowah River Road and New Bethel Church Road, photographer facing SE
As you travel in a northeasterly direction away from Hwy 53 on Etowah River Road, you will notice the green, expansive flood plain of the Etowah River, the largest opening of which is connected to this home. It sits on a knoll that rises to the north, away from the river. The home sits on a little over 193 acres, including 6,000+ feet of river frontage. As you enter the sweeping curve where New Bethel Church Road comes in from the north, this home's beauty grabs your attention as it is easily seen from on the right.

At first I couldn't believe that the home's windows were boarded, because it appears to be in pretty good shape, as compared to a lot of the other homes featured on this blog; roof intact, paint still white, chimneys not crumbling, no visible collapse or rot. It is beginning to be overtaken by vines, shrubs, and small trees, but nothing that couldn't be cleared out in a weekend.

Photographer facing SW from Etowah River Road
The tax assessor's website lists the construction date of this home as 1920. It has a T shape with an extension off the bottom of the T, which can be seen in the second photo; possibly a later kitchen addition. Three brick chimneys grace all of the endpoints on the T.

You'll have to forgive my lack of proper architectural terminology. It's something I'm learning more about as I research these old homes.

An internet search revealed that one possible reason for the home sitting vacant is the proposal for the expansion of an existing 12-acre reservoir to a 138-acre reservoir that is planned nearby.  The outflow of the dam would be into Russell Creek which is the southwestern border of this property. Perhaps the owner is waiting to see the final plans of the lake and how it will impact the property. Until then this beautiful, nearly one hundred year old gem will continue to look lonely.


  1. I love it! I want it!

    1. Me too!...If only I had the money to fix up one like this. It is truly beautiful, and I can't imagine how nice it looked in the 20s.

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