Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Old Abandoned Home and Store, ca. Unknown, Lumpkin County, GA

Photographer facing NW
I stumbled across this property in the southern part of Lumpkin County, near the Dawson County line. The Chestatee River flows into Lake Lanier just down the road

Not having any access to the Lumpkin County Tax Assessor's web page, I know nothing about the age or previous owners of this property. Located near homes that are on Lake Lanier, this gem has been vacant for quite some time.

Photographer facing west
Unlike many properties that interest me, this one also had what appears to be an old store that is located maybe 100' from the house.

Along with the house and the store, there is a barn, and several other outbuildings. Unfortunately, without crashing into the vegetation, most of them are not visible from the road right of way. There is also the remnants of a stone wall that separated the former lawn from the roadway.

I'd have loved to have seen this property during its heyday. As always, I encourage anyone to leave a comment if they can add some historical perspective to this property.
House and stone wall, photographer facing north

Old store, photographer facing NW
Barn, photographer facing north
Rock foundation under the NE side of the wrap around porch

Store in the foreground with house in the distance, photographer facing NE

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