Friday, August 11, 2017

Old Farmhouse, c. unknown, Franklin County, GA

Harrison Bridge Road, photographer facing east
Founded in 1784, Franklin County, located just northeast of Athens, GA is noted for its open pastures, rolling Piedmont hills, and poultry farms, lots of poultry farms.

The agricultural history of the county was rooted in a crop that is grown rarely in this part of Georgia; cotton. However, lack of crop diversification, erosion issues, and the Boll Weevil ended cotton's reign as the top crop in the region. Corn and sorghum were also staple crops of the county.

Today, poultry and livestock dominate the agricultural scene, with Franklin County being the top poultry producer in the state. The Franklin County Livestock Market is the largest in the state.

The county is dotted with older homes and a few schools, like this one, that are no longer occupied, and haven't been for some time.

Home to two state parks (Tugaloo and Victoria Bryant), as well as a few miles of Lake Hartwell shoreline make Franklin County a draw for outdoor activities.

Better known natives include baseball legend, Ty Cobb, former Georgia Governor Ernest Vandiver, and agricultural giant D.W. Brooks. You can read more about Mr. Brooks here. His story is a fascinating one.
With a dusting of snow
The photos shown here were taken at different points over a period of a few years around 2002-2005. I drove past this spot everyday on my way to Carnesville from Athens, and stopped to take a shot when the setting really caught my eye. The last time I drove by there several years ago, the home is almost covered on the front by vines and other brush. Maybe some of my Franklin County friends can shed some light on the history of this home and its former occupants.

Under a full moon.

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