Saturday, January 28, 2017

Old Barn, Dawson County, GA

Afton Road, photographer facing north
Sitting at the edge of a small pasture, this barn is just upslope from a small creek that eventually flows into the Amicalola River. I have passed it many times, but on this clear day the light was enough to make me stop and take a photo. It sits on a 19-acre parcel that is across the road from a home that was built c. 1946. With no other old home around, I'm assuming that at one time these two properties were together.

Located in the northern part of the county, in an area that is still very rural with large acreage tracts, you'd never know you were just an hour north of Atlanta. This area is still far enough away from Hwy 400 (the main artery leading north out of Atlanta) that I have a difficult time picturing much change in the next 20 years or so.

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