Sunday, March 15, 2015

Appalachian Farmhouse, Old Hwy 76, Fannin County, GA

Richards Branch Road & Old Hwy 76, photographer facing SW
This house is located at the intersection of Old Hwy 76 and Richards Branch Road in eastern Fannin County, GA. It can be seen looking south from Hwy 515 as Old Hwy 76 at this point is only 75'-100' to the south.  The front yard was littered with walnuts from last falls crop,  plenty of briars, and a band of daffodils running along the top of the embankment that leads down to Old Hwy 76.

A particularly noisy spot right now with the four-lane highway, I often wonder how quiet it was in these mountain spots before all of the traffic.

Large Walnut Tree and Daffodils, photographer facing south.

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